The time of the year that every lover of baseball has been waiting for has finally arrived. The World Series 2018 is here again and I’m pretty sure it has sent a wave of unsettling excitement in baseball lovers all over the world.

The World Series 2018 Live Stream games are set to air on Fox starting on the 23rd of October 2018 all the way to 31st October 2018 and there are a lot of live streaming options as well. This means that you don’t really have to watch in on TV and hey, as a matter of fact, you can comfortably watch the games while on the go- there are a lot of options to do this by the way.

Well, here’s the thing…

There are quite a lot of options which at first makes it all seem so complicated but we’re here to break it all down for you.

Ways to watch the World Series 2018 Live Stream

Just in case you’re wondering how this goes, here are some of the major ways via which you can be able to watch a live stream of the World Series 2018.

World Series 2018 Live Stream

The postseason TV.

This is the official source for the major league baseball live streams and these are available to you only during the postseason. The problem with this option is that the games are not available for live streaming in the U.S.


There is a live audio broadcast of the games via an app and the same goes for the video highlights as the games happen. These, however, are not really a viable option for any baseball enthusiast within the U.S.A

The live television streaming services.

In this category, you have any streaming services like fuboTV or PlayStation Vue which give you a live stream of the local Fox affiliate hence allowing you to stream the World Series. But then, this is not a viable option if you can’t get access to a TV, is it?

Streaming apps

The final option is a streaming app such as Ace stream which is a video application letting you stream live sports among other content.

This option uses P2P infrastructure and as you watch the game, you also upload other portions of the game to other people simultaneously. This option doesn’t require a subscription as compared to the two alternatives aforementioned.

Get yourself some tickets- venue, time and place

Each ticket is approximated to go for $1,600 per ticket and considering it is a total of 7 games. The team with the best overall record in the National League and the American League will have the Home advantage with most of the games being held at the home stadium.

The first event on 23rd October will be done at the Dodger stadium and will be a home game for the LA Dodgers commencing at 11:59 pm

The official stream providers.

The major league baseball doesn’t really have an official stream provider for the post stream games which includes the World Series as well.

Officially, the live streams are only available to you if you have an official live stream for the world series are available if you have a subscription to the and a qualifying cable or satellite TV provider.

I order to watch the games live on, here are the qualifications that you need to meet:

  • Visit and then log into your MLB account.
  • On the navigation bar is an option to watch the game and beneath the game you are interested in, there are links to it; click on either of these

Due to the exclusivities of the Major League Baseball, some games are authenticated for live streaming but on the other hand, some games are available as an archived game 90 minutes after they are played. Due to this, we intend to bridge the gap and make the games available to you as they’re in play.

The unofficial way

What if you don’t have a cable connection but you’d still want to have equally as good a live experience? Well, this is where we come in.

The streaming options are few and you don’t really have the guarantee that the quality of the streams will be as good as you’d want it to be.

Live stream television streaming services just so happen to be the best and most viable alternative. Such services. Since the 2018’s world series are going to be broadcasted via Fox, you could live stream through any service that has got access to local Fox affiliate.

Using the Fox service is much simpler than You will have to navigate to the website, sign in with your credentials and then click on your TV PROVIDER SIGN IN after which you will have to validate your satellite or cable subscription. When the game day comes, you’ll simply click on a world series game in the live now section.

We are an alternative to both the FoxSportsGo and We provide live stream through the whole service since we are capable of doing so and at the same time we do have access to the local Fox affiliate. This saves you the trouble of having to pay for a television streaming subscription or going through the hassle of using a VPN service.

Our License and partnership with Fox

The rule of thumb when working with network television stations such as fox is that the online streaming services are available to those who have reached an agreement with a local affiliate in a particular area in the US. If the local Fox station does not have any agreement with any streaming services, you cannot be able to watch the World Series using this method.

It is because of this that we are able to cover a lot of geographical regions all over the U.S so as to ensure that everyone can have a live access to the games and we also do have a license to verify this.

Well, how can you be sure?

It is always best that you enter your ZIP code in any streaming service just to be sure. This way, you’ll have utmost certainty that you’ll not be ripped off.

Where will the MLB world series 2018 be held?

The MLB world series 2018 is set to be held in North America for all the 7 games that are to be played. The stadiums in which the games are to be played will be the home team location of the team with the best average points in the games.

On what dates are the World Series games scheduled?

The 2018 World Series is set to begin on the 23rd of October and all the qualifying teams will play al the way to the 31st of October.

Which team hasn’t won the MLB world series yet?

Though some teams have made an appearance in the world series, there are quite a lot that have never won in the games.

The first in the Colorado Rockies that made just a single appearance in the game and were beaten by the Boston Red Sox in 2007

Second, we have the Milwaukee Brewers that also made one appearance and lost in the year 1982 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Seattle Mariners have never qualified to the world series since their creation in the year 1977. They, however, have had three AL West division championships.

The San Diego Padres was founded in the year 1969 and though they have had two chances to win the world series, they have failed in both occasions in the years 1984 and 1998 World Series championships.

Tampa Bay Rays are one of the youngest teams and have made only one appearance in the year 2008 in the world series since its formation in 1998

The Texas Rangers appeared in the world series in 2010 and 2011 but even so, they were not able to capture their first world series crown.

The Washington Nationals have never had an appearance in the world series but even so, they have won 5 NL East Division titles but they’ve never won the NL pennant.

Why is it that there was no world series in 1904?

There was no world series in 1904 since the NL champions, the New York Giants refused to play the American League Pennant winners, the Boston Americans who after winning the title wouldn’t have the tacks changes since the Giant’s position had already been locked

Which teams have won the world series for the past 20 years?

2017: Houston Astros defeated the LA Dodgers.

2016: Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians

2015: Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets

2014: The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals

2013: Boston Red Sox defeated St. Louis Cardinals

2012:San FranciscoGiants defeated Detroit Tigers

2011: St. Louis Cardinals beat Texas Rangers

2010: San Francisco Giants beat Texas Rangers

2009: New York Yankees defeated Philadelphia Phillies

2008: Philadelphia Phillies defeated Tampa Bay Rays

2007: Boston Red Sox defeated Colorado Rockies

2006: St. Louis Cardinals defeated Detroit Tigers

2005: Chicago white sox defeated Houston Astros

2004: Boston Red Sox defeated St. Louis Cardinals

2003: Florida Marlins defeated New York Yankees

2002: The Anaheim Angels beat the San Francisco Giants

2001: the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Yankees

2000: the New York Yankees defeated the New York Mets

1999: New York Yankees defeated Atlanta Braves

1998: New York Yankees defeated San Diego Padres

1997: Florida Marlins Defeated Cleveland Indians

1996: New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves

1995: Atlanta Braves defeated the Cleveland Indians

1993: Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Philadelphia Phillies

1992: Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Atlanta Braves

1991: Minnesota Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves

1990: Cincinnati Reds defeated the Oakland Athletics

Who has had the most world series wins of all time?

Since the beginning of the games in the year 1903, the New York Yankees have had the largest number of an outstanding 27 wins in the World Series

Of all the active players, who has the most world series wins?

Javier Lopez bears the title of being the active player with the most world series rings three of which are with the Giants and one with the Red Sox and all these were attained between 2014 and till his retirement in 2017

Who has the most MLB World Series wins?

The New York Yankees have had the most MLB wins in the World series since the commencement of the games in the year 1903 leaving a huge margin since the St Louis cardinals follow second place with 11 wins.

On what channel is the world series 2018 to be aired?

The world series 2018 is set to air on Fox channel starting on October 23rd, 2018 all the way to 31st October 2018

United States

The official source for the MLB live stream is the which is only available during the postseason. as for the live stream, you’ll have to you only if you subscribe to


The Mexico baseball fans should basically rely on what the US viewers rely on. This means subscribing to enjoy your preferred games.


similar to the US, you will also have to subscribe to but only be able to view the games that have authenticated access. If the access is not authenticated, you will have to watch the games about 90 minutes after the conclusion of the applicable game.

Which are the most reliable ways to watch world series 2018

On cable

The games are available to you only if you subscribe to both as well as a qualifying satellite or cable TV provider

Without a cable

Considering it is broadcasted on Fox, you will have to live stream the game via any service providing access to a local Fox affiliate.

How to watch world series 2018 on a smartphone

You could use an app such as Ace Stream that uses P2P meaning that as you watch the game, you will be uploading portions of it to other people at the same time.

This is a viable option if the games are not authenticated in your location.

How to watch world series 2018 on social media

The most reputed social media site for live streaming live MLB games is Facebook. From your custom SportsTV Guide listing, you could navigate to the streaming events tab, click the launch button and search MLB live.

On your mobile and desktop, you could search and follow the ‘MLB Live’ show page. On your TV, you could simply download the Facebook video app and search for MLB live as well.

Could you watch the world series using VPN? How?

Using a VPN server is quite simple. All you need to do is select a VPN that has got servers in the US and then with adherence to the provider’s instructions, go ahead and download and install the VPN on your device.

After everything is set, connect to a US server via the VPN and subscribe to a streaming service of your choice in which case, for the 2018 World Series, you’ll want to choose Fox or the ones that have got a Fox partnership such as Direct TV. I’d recommend LimeVPN for this

How could one watch the world series 2018 via DNS proxy?

MLB restricts access to certain teams based on the location that you are streaming from due to the blackout rules. By using a SmartDNS proxy, you can set your location to be in an area that is authenticated and enjoy the game just as though it were happening before your eyes.

How can I use FuboTV to watch world series?

Fubo TV comes with a lot of add-ons and you can be able to watch two shows simultaneously on your Android device, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV and PC via your web browser.

You’ll be needing a monthly subscription of $45 per month and this will give you an outstanding 65+ channels.

In conclusion…

The World Series is finally here and the truth is that most people are desperate to watch the games live and may fall prey to fake websites that only intend to take their cash.

It’s always best to take a really close look at the licensing and the partnership the streaming service has with a TV station and it is only after this that you’ll be sure of getting the best possible service.